The History of El Molín


The previous owners, who had returned from Mexico, farmed a much larger area dedicated to the traditional apple tree used for making cider, produced horticulture and cattle raising, firstly for  milk and after for meat.  There were also large areas with a great variety of different fruit trees whose fruit became well sought after in the market stall in Ribadesella on Wednesdays. Also famous in these parts was the old mill where the neighbouring farms came to grind the corn. With the passing of time, little by little, the farm was abandoned and eventually turned into a ruinous state like most of the buildings around. What had been known as a productive valley, full of life, became old as did its inhabitants not able any longer to carry out the work needed to continue in the rural setting.

It is six years since my wife and decided to leave behind city life and settled here on this beautiful farm, We came with the idea of going back to the past ways and recovering the life style of its previous owners.  There is, now, 2000m sustainable orchard, where the fruits are picked and taken to the local market, our intention is to recover the forest area and rebuild the constructions on the property; The first is El Fornu of El Molin which used to be where the horse and cart were stored.

Our project is to make this a productive space in the future but above all a sustainable one and to return it to its original state. To this aim we are hoping to plant 500 tress, have sustainable orchards using recycled water collected during the winter, participate

with local business and energy used will be produced on the farm…our intention is to make this small holding a space that fully respects and is fully integrated into the environment.

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